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Hey Fashionistah, Hi, my name is Kerun K! Okay, let's talk bout MIFW on day one,

the place......I don't want to complain so much, but the place not so nice, with all under construction objects...kesian kat orang yang pakai heels bertumit 18 inch..gtewwwww

the toilet......I thought it was the place where they put dead people......hermmmm

the people....awesome fashionistahhsssss I must say...them people are being so nice....

firstly I want to congratulate my super hot friend aka super hot designer for winning the first place....5k okay....

We arrived like too little too late and the door was closed and we cannot get in and we freaking out....lagi lagi tau Nizamil aka Aam Le Raoul menang first place....I want to watch the collection!

and the heels rock

and the other show.........

coming soon....

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Minggu, 20 November 2011

Leftblock: For real shopaholics

Yesterday I went to a Leftblock Junk Sale, and I was happy :) hahaahhahaahahahah......ok over

so what is Leftblock Junk Sale? I didnt know until yesterday I showed up, it was like bloggers day out and this fashion bloggers jual jual barang yang best bangetttt!

The Azorias

Kak Jezmine Blossom aka Jezmine Zaidan, yang sangat peramah :)

KK: *snapping picture of her*
JB: Hi....Panas kan.....
KK: *jaw dropping* (you talking to me?????) A ah...panas....
JB: I naik atas sbb tak tahan panas.....hehehehe
KK: Kesian awak design semua ker?
JB: Taklah....yg I design mahal....hihihi
KK: I see

she tweeted me out.....amazeballs, I know...

check out the blog

ok this is mine 

and I bought it for only ten ringgit~ amazing tak amazing? amazeballs.....woooooooo

and finally, Joyce Wong, the Kinky Blue Fairy :) what a fashionista kan? not the brown indonesian batik guy, the girl :) 

much love 


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Rabu, 16 November 2011

Senin, 14 November 2011